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For those of you joining me this weekend on the White Light Healing Retreat, you have a lot to look forward to. I did my first one last July and I loved every minute of it.  Not only is the white light itself life changing, but there is something really powerful about devoting 3 days to rest and practicing presence.  When trying to decide on a wish, we sometimes get caught up in the stories our minds are telling us. To help aid in sorting out those uncertainties and confusion, here is my process that I have use with clients (and myself) to get wishes we felt good about on a deep level.  I hope it helps if you are still looking for clarity around what to wish for.

First and foremost: say a prayer (to whomever you wish- angels, God, the universe, your highest self) asking that you be given clear and precise guidance and the faith to believe it’s real.  Ask that you be guided to choose what’s best for your highest good and help in quieting your ego.  Then get started:

  1. List the possible wishes you’ve been considering, preferably your top 2-3 options.  Keep it simple at this stage, don’t get into the whole story/explanation with your ego.  If it’s about money for example, just call it “money” or “finances/work.”
  2. Now take some time to focus on your energy body, you can begin by breathing deeply.  Then feeling your feet, your lower legs, moving up slowly to your head.  Once you can feel your whole energy body focus in slightly on your heart area. Now imagine that you have chosen Wish #1 that you have listed.  Imagine that you just pressed “submit” on your wish form and it is now set.  Feel your energy, especially around your heart.  How does it feel?  Light?  Dark?  Constricted?  Open?  Warm? Heavy?  After you have one or two descriptors for how you feel, set that wish aside.  Go back to clearing and feeling your energy body. Release any tension, get present.  Now repeat that process for wishes # 2 and 3.  Look for which wish made you feel BEST.  You should be able to get an intuitive feeling, trust that and don’t let your ego start to rationalize it away.  If it feels open, expansive and light- that’s usually a good sign.
  3. Once you’ve got a feeling for which topic FEELS the best in your body, write that at the top of the page and make 2 columns.  Column 1: How are you feeling right now?  If for example you are not meditating as much as you would like, the underlying feeling might be fear and a feeling of being unsafe.  So you might write, “I am struggling to meditate because I am feeling unsafe and afraid.” Next, you would go to Column 2:  How would you like to be feeling and experiencing this instead?  If you’re not sure, try the opposite of what you are currently experiencing.  So: “I would love to meditate regularly, enjoying the process and feeling safe and protected the whole time.”  Once you’ve got a topic and a couple examples in each column, you have your wish right there.  Do a bit of editing if you feel you want to and you are all set!

If at any time you start to feel overwhelmed: Keep checking in with yourself, taking deep breaths and coming back to your energy field if you start to feel the ego take over.  If you’re struggling to narrow things down, sometimes I like to just start writing down EVERY topic on my mind, with total freedom knowing that this is just a brainstorming session.  Take your time and tell yourself you’ve got lots of paper and lots of time.  Then see if your eye keeps moving towards certain words. Or you get a “feeling.” Close your eyes, breathe deeply, and see what comes up.   And remember-you can’t really choose wrong. Whatever you wish for, the angels will be helping you improve your life, and you can always do more white light retreats in the future.  You will end up exactly where you’re meant to be.  Best of luck to you and let me know if you have any questions.

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