Want to Travel More But Don’t Think it’s Possible? Read This:


Live life as though everything is rigged in your favor.


The quote above?  It feels so good when you read it.  The reason?  Because it’s true.

Today I’m writing about something that took me a while to really believe.  It seemed sort of silly and foolish to try and wish things into reality.  Mostly, I figured I just needed to be “realistic.” I had thoughts like: Money doesn’t fall out of the sky, life circumstances are what they are, and I’m limited to have some- not ALL- of the things I want.  I felt like my life was pretty good overall- so wouldn’t it be selfish to ask for more?  

But over the course of a few years I kept hearing about people’s thoughts quite literally changing their reality.  I saw movies like “What the Bleep do We Know” that explained how quantum physics was showing that in fact YES- our expectations change our physical experience.  They had reproducible experiments in labs that PROVED this.

I came to see that our world is in fact much more changeable (and unlimited) than we can wrap our heads around.  So I decided to give this manifesting stuff a try.  My results so far have made it very clear to me that this stuff actually works.  I have way too many stories than I can fit in one blog post, so I decided to focus in on one specific intention I set last fall.  Keep an open mind and see what happens- wouldn’t it be great if we really could create our own reality?


This story begins back in November 2014.  During a White Light Retreat weekend I was meditating a lot, specifically doing a white light manifesting meditation that I learned in School of the Modern Mystic.  I spent an afternoon doing these manifesting meditations and also visualizing myself laying on a beach somewhere in the Caribbean, in the early months of 2015. It began to feel so REAL, so exciting!  I could feel the sun on my skin, and I was having a blast imagining ocean swims, lying in the shade reading, and spending time with my husband.  I also began finishing off my nightly meditations by visualizing myself in Hawaii.  Staying in a rented house by the beach for a couple weeks, sometime around January of 2016 was what I envisioned.

Now fast forward  a month to the new moon, December 2014.  Oddly enough, I was doing another White Light Retreat that weekend.  I set my intention for the new year by writing down my wish for 2015: To travel the world, visiting beautiful, beachy locations. I honestly had no idea how this would be possible.  Our budget didn’t really seem like it was going to stretch for even ONE vacation like that, certainly not more than one.  I also had no interest in planning this vacation- there’s nothing more stressful to me than reading a million reviews trying to pick a hotel and location.  So I just wrote down my wish, burned it in the fireplace, and left it up to the universe to figure it out.

The NEXT DAY my mother calls and says she wants to take Joe and I to Hawaii for Christmas or New year’s the next year (January 2016, exactly what I had visualized to the month!)  Yep, that actually happened.  Then later on in February, my husband Joe says he found a great deal on an amazing resort in Mexico, almost perfect score on Trip Advisor and it would fit our budget easily, even with an upgraded room and airfare.  He planned the WHOLE TRIP without me asking him to, which has never happened before- ever.  This trip happened in early April 2015.

Next thing I know, I get this feeling that I need to ask my mom if she’d be willing to go in on a trip to Australia instead, in June, so we can do a workshop with my teacher Belinda Davidson (the one who teaches School of the Modern Mystic.) It just felt like it was more fitting for our life right now than the Hawaii trip (and who knows what the future holds anyway?)  It turns out, she is on board, and we are headed down under in JUNE!! (2015)

The truth is, I never could have even imagined that I could go on two international trips (to beautiful, beachy places no less) by June. And to have them both planned by people other than me? It’s truly beyond what I had even hoped for. I didn’t try to figure out HOW these trips would happen financially or in terms of planning.  I just said what I wanted and let the details get worked out however they would.  And they did!

The reason I’m telling you all of this is that I want you to have this too.  I think nearly everyone I know would like to travel more.  Or if it’s not travel, it could be anything.  What do you want MORE of in your life?  Love?  Close friends?  A beautiful house of your own?  Kids?  Follow these steps and see what happens, you might just be amazed at how things just keep working out for you too.

Here’s what you do:

  1. Decide what you want. It’s often easier to start with something that’s not your BIGGEST priority because there’s less resistance around it.  Pick something that feels really good when you think about it.  For this example, let’s use travel: write down in your notebook that you are ready to travel more to Europe in 2015.
  2. Now write it down again, cut it out of your notebook, and burn that note in your fireplace on the new moon. (I know, the moon, really?  But hey, I always set my intentions by the moon and it seems to work so- why not??)
  3. Spend some time visualizing yourself in that place each day. Right before you go to bed or when you wake up- imagine yourself riding in a boat down the Seine, or posing for pictures in a red phone booth in London.  Whatever it is that lights you up and gets you excited about your dream.  You only need 5-10 minutes for this, and it’s a great way to relax before bed anyway.  If you meditate, this is the perfect way to end your meditation because you are already primed for manifesting.  Whenever you meditate, you mind is quieted and your resistance is lowered.  After you exercise would be another good time to do this because again, your resistance is lower and your mind is clear.
  4. Finally, forget about it and focus on the good stuff! If you are always checking to see if you got that thing you’ve been waiting for, it won’t show up.  Just focus on all the GOOD stuff that’s already in your life, keep living your life and one day, it will just sneak up on you out of nowhere. Gratitude acts like a magnet for things you love.  So if you spend every day focused on the wonderful things in your life, very quickly life will just get better and better, easier and easier.

Like I said, this stuff may make you very skeptical, and I get that.  But it couldn’t hurt to try it right?  The beautiful thing is that the universe really is here to support us in living our dreams.  But we have to ask for help, and stop trying to predict or question HOW it’s going to happen.  Just ask for what you want, visualize it, and then focus on the good stuff until it shows up. 

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