Start the New Year Right


This morning I was working with a client tapping on old traumas, guilt, and big fears-really big stuff. At first, I thought I was biting off more than I could chew. She began to say she could feel herself shutting down emotionally, it was just too hard to even go there.  So much stuff kept coming up.  But an hour later when we finished, there was joy.  There was laughter, and lightness.  A great big smile lit up her face and didn’t leave.  I could feel the enthusiasm and elation shining through the computer. After feeling grateful yet again that THIS is my job, I got to thinking. I was so blown away by how quickly we were able to see shifts in all of these areas, and I would love to do this with many more people.  To help them begin the new year RIGHT. By tackling old issues and moving forward with love and enthusiasm, instead of beating themselves up the way we often do.

What’s been stressing you out lately?  What’s the topic that every time it pops up in your head, you immediately need to change the train of thought because it’s too stressful? Let’s work together on this issue for one month.  Once a week, we will meet 1:1 via skype, for 45minutes to an hour. We can address any number of things, here’s a few examples of what I’ve helped people with:

  • Weightloss and body image
  • Past trauma
  • Fears and even phobias
  • Feeling overwhelmed as a mom (sleep issues, health worries, discipline, in-laws)
  • Beginning a new business, or growing an existing one
  • Starting a healthy lifestyle (exercise, meditation, nutrition, etc.)
  • Stress about finances
  • Navigating big life changes (new job, job loss, retirement)
  • General stress about work, life or whatever

I am not claiming to be an expert in all of the above areas.  What I’m here to do is facilitate you calming down the amygdala in your brain- the part that controls fight or flight response and cortisol (the stress hormone).  This stress response affects all of the above topics and more in a very big way.  By going through the exercises I will do with you, you begin to quite literally rewire your brain and it’s automatic response to life situations.  You create new neural pathways and release all kind of old baggage and memories so you can get on with living the life you’ve been wanting.  Once your brain is rewired so to speak, it becomes easy to take the action you’ve been wanting to take and feel the way you want to feel- no beating yourself up required.  So if this sounds appealing, I have an offer for you.  And a really good one if I do say so myself.  I’m doing this package of 4 sessions for $200 total (half my normal price).  And to add the cherry on top, I won’t even collect payment until after your first session is complete.  If you like the first session, fantastic, you can make your payment and set up 3 more.  If you don’t- you pay nothing. It’s that simple.

I thought this would be a fun way to help people start the new year in an extra beautiful way and am so excited to see how much progress can be made in a month. Like I said, there’s really no risk. I’m opening 10 spaces, and this deal is good until January 2, 2015. Contact me to setup your first session- you’ve got nothing to lose except whatever’s been stressing you 🙂


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