Is comparison really the thief of joy?

oceanI kind of love this time of the year- setting intentions for the new year and imagining all the magic the coming year might hold.  It’s just pure potential-like a brand new notebook.  But on the flip side, it can be a time where I fall into negative thinking- feeling like I should have done MORE last year.  Sometimes even worrying that my goals and dreams are just not achievable, that I’m not capable.  Yesterday as I was thinking to myself how I need to sit down and start thinking about 2015, I started looking at instagram.  I started to think about the coaches/bloggers I follow, how they live in these beautiful, tropical settings.  How they start every morning with yoga on the beach at sunrise followed by a green smoothie, and then sessions with their clients.  Oh and did I mention they are gorgeous, thin and make 6 figures?  I was quickly beginning to feel pretty crappy about myself and my business.  But I did catch myself, and began to remember one of my very favorite things about jealousy.

Most of our lives we are taught that we should not be jealous.  It’s an icky feeling where you automatically begin to feel you aren’t good enough- no matter what’s going well in your life.  So we try to block it out, deny that we feel it, and distract ourselves.  But deep down, most of us have our moments.  Especially with the internet.  So I say this- what if instead of blocking our jealousy, we embrace it?  If there’s anything I have learned this year it’s that our soul knows what we are here to do.  Our conscious minds are limited to what we think is possible and what we have come to believe is realistic, but our souls can see so much more.  We all came to this earth with a unique mission- and it’s nothing ordinary or small.  We all have the potential to be absolutely extraordinary.  And the soul is the one who knows what we’re here to do and just how laughably small our own plans are.  One way our soul nudges us forward to this greater plan is through our desires.  Whatever is it you are deeply desiring- that is your clue.  Follow it.  We have this tendency to play small, afraid of failing or outshining those around us.  Once we own these desires and bring them into the light of day- declaring them out loud, we begin a chain of events. Something is set in motion. It’s a little scary at times, because making grand plans might make you feel like you are setting yourself up to fail.  So don’t plan it all. Don’t pick all the specifics.  Like I said you are capable of so much more than you think you are.  Just take what feels good for you and let God and the universe work out how you’re going to get there.  Tell life you are ready to play big this year.

And finally- make sure to remember that those people who have whatever it is you want- they are simply proof that it is possible.  They are beacons of light who you can look to when you are having moments of doubt.  If they can do it- so can you.  Be grateful for them being there to light your path and show you the way.

If you are setting some intentions today as well- I’ve drawn up a quick format for you to follow if you’d like.  I can tell you one thing is for sure- once I started setting my intentions each year, I started to make more progress towards my goals.  Taking 10 minutes to get clear on where you’re headed will help you get there much quicker.

What are 3 (or more) experiences that you are grateful to have experienced in 2014?

  • Starting my coaching business and blog.
  • Completing School of the Modern Mystic-Level 1.
  • Got my first coaching clients!!  Woo HOO!

What are a few things you’d like to experience in 2015?

  • Massive business growth- helping lots of beautiful folks find peace and direction in their lives.
  • Commitment to my health unlike I’ve ever known- showing myself love at a whole new level.
  • The freedom and financial abundance to spend much more time near the ocean in coming years.

I’m ready to FEEL:

  1. Courageous– Boldly pursuing my dreams
  2. Disciplined– Letting go of procrastination
  3. Focused– Using my time intentionally to move towards my goals.
  4. Free– enough said.
  5. Moveable– To follow the guidance I’m given.


I hope this helps and you enjoy mapping out some brilliant desires for 2015.  Remember- if you are feeling stressed at all about this process or anything going on in your life, contact me for a free session of coaching.  I’m still running my New Year’s special discounted rate and you can try the first session absolutely free- no strings attatched. I can teach you some great techniques for de-stressing and getting your brain rewired to feel calm and help you move forward towards your goals.    

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