Chakra Summaries

Chakra 1: Root Chakra

-Located at the base of the spine

-Governs feet, legs, hips pelvis, spine and male sex organs and genitals,

-The color is RED

Helps you feel:

  • Support from family, friends and life
  • Part of a tribe, a sense of belonging
  • Safe and at home in your body, home and the world in general
  • Finances are stable enough to cover the necessities without a problem
  • Stamina, energy and strength


Chakra 2: Sacral Chakra

-Located in the abdomen, about 2” below the navel, and about 2” in

-Governs female sex organs and genitals, kidneys and bladder

-The color is ORANGE

Helps you feel:

  • Sensual: Enjoying the pleasures of life, both sexual and non-sexual, without guilt or shame
  • Raw, free creativity
  • Financial abundance: You are able to pay for not only what you need, but what your DESIRE as well. Things like travel, beautiful objects, further education, experiences.  Whatever lights you up.


Chakra 3: Solar Plexus Chakra

-Located between the navel and solar plexus (stomach area)

-Governs most of the digestive system as well as the liver and adrenal glands

-The color of this chakra is yellow

Chakra 3 helps you feel:

  • A strong, healthy self esteem- one that is not based on external circumstances or appearances
  • Easy and optimal digestion
  • Protected and centered-even around other people’s energy, moods, words and thoughts
  • You’re able to consistently get a lot done and move forward on your goals. You can be counted on to do what you say and be true to your word.
  • You’re able to follow through and finish what you start


Chakra 4: Heart Chakra

-Located in the center of your chest (your heart center)

-The color of this chakra is green

-Governs the heart, circulatory system, lungs, chest and upper back

Your Heart chakra:

  • Acts as the cleanser of your whole energy system
  • Works as a magnet to draw in all the things you LOVE
  • Allows you to give AND receive love to/from yourself, the universe, and everyone around you
  • Helps you to feel connected to everyone and everything around you
  • Is the center of your healing abilities- If you heart chakra is healthy and balanced, you will be able to heal people and situations more powerfully than ever.


Chakra 5: Throat Chakra

-Located in your throat

-Governs your throat, neck, thyroid, teeth, voice and jaw

-The color is blue

The throat chakra:

  • Allows you to speak your truth freely and from the heart, without worrying about how others will view your beliefs and opinions
  • Allows you to really hear what others are saying, and to be willing to see other points of view without feeling threatened
  • Along with chakra 2, is your center for creativity. Chakra 5 is all about expressing yourself in your life’s work, so it takes creativity to a more polished and intentional level.
  • Is the connection between your physical body and divine inspiration. It’s where you begin to express divine inspiration through your creations.


Chakra 6: Third Eye Chakra

-Located on the center of your forehead

-Governs the eyes, ears, brain, nose

-The color of this chakra is indigo

Chakra 6:

  • Is your connection to your intuition and psychic ability
  • Connects your right and left brains so you can balance your creative and intuitive mind with your logical, action oriented mind. Both are equally important but must be balanced and connected for your life to flow.
  • Is the location of all your subconscious programming and patterns
  • Enables you to literally create the life of your dreams through manifestation


Chakra 7: Crown Chakra

-Located just above the crown (top) of your head

-Governs the top on the head, brain, nervous system

-The color of this chakra is violet

Chakra 7:

  • Connects you to your highest chakras and the divine
  • It is where you experience oneness with all that is
  • It is where you begin to tap into your purpose in life (which is stored in chakra 8) as well as enlightenment (total presence, lack of ego)


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