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Your chakras and your energy are creating your life right now- for better or for worse.

In our first session together, I will take you through a process where you can feel and experience your chakras for yourself, getting a clear idea of how each one is currently doing and how that is affecting different areas of your life.

I also give you a personalized plan of action so that you can begin to balance and heal your chakras on your own.

In the second session we go deeper into one specific chakra, the one that feels like it needs the most love and attention, the one that is causing you the most issues in your life right now.  We do a deeper cleansing process here, breaking up old blocks and letting in the light.

Each session is about 60-90 minutes.

This packages includes: 2 sessions plus a guided chakra cleanse meditation by my teacher Belinda Davidson. This is the meditation I use everyday and the most powerful one I have ever come across.  It ‘s exactly what you need to get your chakras healthy and strong.

Investment: $229

Sound interesting?  CONTACT ME to sign up or ask any questions you might have.


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