A Night to Remember



I found myself sitting on a bench in a mall in Brisbane, Australia, holding a pillow and waiting nervously for it to be 7:15.  20-something girls in stylish clothes were slowly lining up around me, waiting with their pillows as well.  Finally, I was given a little sparkly sticker to put on my forehead (on my third eye), and was cleansed with sage smoke.  I walked into the little yoga studio, sat down on my pillow and took a deep breath.  I was finally going to meet a woman I feel like I have known for 3 years, but have never actually met before.

But first- some background:

I was there to see Melissa Ambrosini. Mel is an “Author, speaker, coach, presenter and absolute ambassador for choosing love over fear in every moment.” I started reading her blog Path to Wellness a few years ago when I began learning more about the deeper parts of the healing journey.  She talked some about food and exercise, but really focused in on self love and mindfulness- something I was completely lacking at that point. I loved her message, and was SO excited when I got the chance to work with her 1:1 for coaching in 2013.  I had never actually tried coaching up until that point, and it was life changing.

I remember that first session well, she came on skype and I swear she could see right into me.  Her deep, unapologetic presence was unlike anything I had ever felt from a woman before and frankly, it made me a little nervous.  She was so self-assured, and yet bubbling over with enthusiasm and warmth. Her joy was infectious.  Not only did she help me to make great strides in my own personal development, she helped me realize that my secret dream of life coaching was a REAL possibility for me and that it could be an amazing way to help others create the lives they’d be dreaming of too.

I continued to read Mel’s blog over the next couple years and got to take part in her B-School mentoring program the last two years as well.  The weekly calls just kept cementing for me more and more what I could feel from that first call.  She has created this incredibly successful business on her own terms-

  • taking afternoon breaks for ocean swims
  • prioritizing self care and meditation EVERY SINGLE DAY
  • choosing her own hours so she can spend tons of time with her step-son and husband
  • learning to delegate to the team she’s built up over the years

This is not something I see very often in the world of successful business owners- the ability to stay passionate about changing the world, without becoming a workaholic and damaging your personal life along the way.

But my favorite part of her message?  It’s that NO ONE is more special, more capable, or more deserving of creating their own dream life and business than she is. What she has is totally available to you and me and everyone else.  She’s always willing to share the tricks she’s learned along the way as well as challenge you to recognize when fear has taken you hostage and you’re not thinking clearly.


Quite fittingly, on that evening, she spoke to the group of us about finding what you’re passionate about and how to live your passion EVERY DAY.

How many of us can say that we honestly do this?? Most people I talk to aren’t even all that clear on what their passion is, they certainly aren’t acting on it daily.

Mel took us through some great steps to get more clear on what our passions are and then some practical steps on how to incorporate them more into our life.  If you want to check out the whole thing, she airs these weekly talks on her website here.

But my biggest take away of the night was this:


We ALL have things we are passionate about.  And we all have the opportunity to build a business and life around those passions.  We don’t have to choose between financial stability, time with our family, and following our dreams.


My other favorite part of the evening: how genuinely Melissa cares about doing this work and connecting with the women who she’s helped.  When I went to introduce myself, she knew who I was before I could even get the words out.  She gave me a couple big hugs and I could honestly feel the love.  It was like seeing an old friend. That’s saying something when you’ve got a following as big as hers.  She is still just as real and passionate as she was in the begining.  Which bodes well for the rest of us just starting our heart-centered businesses.


PS- If you are looking for more direction on how to do this in your life, Mel just released an awesome Business Bootcamp. 

 She turned her coaching/blogging business into an empire and is changing the lives of women across the globe every day. 

If you are ready to start following your dreams- even if you don’t know what they are yet-OR if you are ready to take your business to the next level-  check it out:


 *I’m proud to be an affiliate partner for this program, as it’s something (and someONE) I really believe in and would never hesitate to recommend to a friend or buy myself.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about Melissa or any of her programs- I’d be happy to chat about it more 🙂



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