Which of your Chakras is blocked?? And what’s a Chakra?

Belinda Davidson's School of the Modern Mystic starts September 29th!

I’ve been aiming to get in lots of time in my backyard pool and lazy days reading in the shade this summer- which has been a success and OH SO wonderful.  I’m also enjoying being immersed in Level 2 of School Of the Modern Mystic (aka: SoMM).  I don’t know if I’ve shared anything about SoMM on here before, but last April (2014) I signed up for Level 1 with little to no idea what I was getting into. Here’s a quick snapshot what’s involved:

You spend about 4 months cleansing and strengthening your chakras and your whole energy system.  You learn to intuitively sense what’s going on in each chakra and then you get the see the magic unfold as your life improves accordingly. You learn to work with the white light to heal yourself and others, and you focus on mindfulness and meditation to find more peace in your life.  Finally you begin your journey into Chakra 8- where your soul purpose is stored.  You begin the journey that leads to knowing EXACTLY what you came here to do.

Side Note-What are chakras??  Humans are made up of energy (remember learning that in physics class?) These chakras are the energy centers of your body.  Each of these energy centers looks after a certain area of your life and health. So there’s a chakra for career, one for relationships, one for confidence, one for creativity and finances, etc. Working directly on the chakras is the shortest path to creating huge and lasting change in your life- even if it does sound a bit “out there.”

So why did I sign up for this? I’d been struggling with ongoing health issues as well as realizing that I was extra sensitive to other people’s energy.  When I would interact with some people it would just wear me out completely or bring me down in a way that was really frustrating, especially since I work with people every day.  People seemed to find me easy to talk to and confide in, but I couldn’t help but feel like their “stuff” was getting left with me- or rather in me.  I felt tired and down for hours or even days sometimes after these interactions.  I wasn’t sure what to do about it- but this program promised to help people like me (known as empaths) to be more resilient in their energy.  To feel more confident without being so worried about what others were thinking.  I had little to no idea about chakras or energy work at the time, but I was ready to give it a try if there was a chance of doing even half of what was promised.

SoMM has been truly life changing. I never could have imagined the extent to which my chakras and energy field physically impact my body and my life. I had significant digestive healing, eliminated low back pain, had great improvement in my finances, and finally started a business I love- all during this course. Even beyond all of those wonderful improvements, there is a sense of coming home and finding comfort in my soul that I had never felt before. There is a feeling of hope- that anything is truly possible and that I am capable of so much more than I ever knew. I really can’t overstate how wonderful SoMM is. I would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone (and I often do!)

They key for me has been Belinda’s focus on practical application of these principles. It’s not about being taught theories- it’s about experiencing physical feelings of energy in your own body and seeing the ramifications they have on your outer world. You learn to actually FEEL your chakras, and how they are doing. Your learn to heal yourself and break up blockages with the white light, so you can get areas of your life working that have been a struggle for years. Belinda is always sending energetic support from afar and does weekly energy healings and two 3 day white light retreats that support you in your journey.

So that’s SoMM in a nutshell as best I can describe it.  Level 1 is all about getting chakras 1-7 fit and happy so your life is working.  Level 2 is where you get to journey deeper into chakra 8 and learn what your soul purpose is here on this earth.  What you came here to do.  The place where your passions and talents converge.  How awesome right?

I wanted to share all of this with you because it’s made such a huge impact on my life and how I view the world.  It’s also the time of year for SoMM to open their doors for the next generation of mystics.  Enrollment is open until September 20th.  If this intrigues you in any way, check out the free video series and a sneak peak of the first lesson here.

To celebrate SoMM being open I thought we could have a little fun.  Comment below with the biggest struggle(s) you’re facing at the moment and I’d be happy to share which chakra(s) are likely causing this and need some extra love.  I just finished an advanced energy anatomy workshop in Australia where I learned to read people’s energy fields and look at how their chakras are working.  I’m still in training but it is great fun to be able to intuitively read people’s chakras as well as the patterns that are holding them back.  So don’t forget to leave a comment and I will respond on MONDAY with what I can see 🙂

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me or leave a comment.  I LOVE talking about this stuff 🙂


Here’s a cool video of Belinda reading people’s energy fields and expaining how the chakras work:

Video – How The Chakras Work + Giving People Chakra Readings


***I am grateful that I was hand-picked to be an ambassador/affiliate for this program, and I recommend it with all my heart.***


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