7 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me…


  1. I lived in Denmark for a while.

For 5 months during my junior year of college I studied in Copenhagen and lived with a lovely family on a hobby farm north of the city.  There were countless candlelit dinners, horseback riding trips through the forest and SO many miles walked through the rain.  It was incredibly magical and challenging all at the same time.  Also- cows can be quite loud as it turns out. Who knew?


Me and my host family’s Icelandic horse.

  1. I got proposed to in a horse barn.

I’ve ridden horses my whole life.  One night I drove up to the farm for my riding lesson and my trainer said that they had just got ina new “warmblood from up north.”  As I had been horse shopping for months, looking for my new equine partner (preferably a warmblood) I got really excited.  She pointed me into an empty stall where Joe had been hiding and was down on one knee, proposing.  It was about the most exciting thing ever to happen- I got to marry a man who surpasses my wildest dreams- but let’s be honest: it would have been fun to find Joe AND a lovely warmblood in there…


A picture from right after the proposal (I still had to ride afterwards of course 🙂

  1. Speaking of Joe…

We met on Hot or Not, online- on the cheesiest site imaginable.  I still can’t believe either of us were even on there, much less than we found each other, fell in love and got married but hey- life can be surprising sometimes.  And it makes a good story- now that I’ve gotten over the embarrassment and stopped telling people “we uh… met at the gym.”

  1. I worked as a horse trainer and riding instructor before coaching.

I had ridden all my life as stated above, and thought it would be amazing to work with horses all day.  As it turned out, it was really fun to teach lessons and train horses, but for some reason it never quite felt right for me as a career.  After 2 years I called it quits and decided to follow this coaching idea, which felt so much more right for me.  I still miss riding though and will probably get back into it at some point.

  1. I’m a bit of an Anglophile(obsessed with all things British).

I read almost exclusively British novels, watch almost exclusively British TV shows, and just generally want to live in a thatched cottage in Cornwall on a farm overlooking the sea.  Maybe someday?


I <3 Thatch

  1. Growing up, I was sure I was Italian.

I asked for Italian cookbooks for Christmas, watched lots of mob movies (which later turned into lots of Italian movies), and just generally felt Italian.  My dad had black hair and tan skin with brown eyes, and his biological father’s origins were unknown (my grandma didn’t like to talk about him.)  So it seemed feasible.  Recently I found out my biological grandfather was in fact Hungarian, which was kind of a bummer.  But on the upside- I would love to see Budapest!

  1. If you hadn’t noticed, I’m pretty excited about traveling abroad.

I planned college around it, planned my career around it, and think about it all the time.  I’m hoping to incorporate this more into the blog from now on because it seems to me most of us have quite a strong desire to see the world and go on adventures.  There’s nothing quite like getting immersed in another culture (for better or for worse) and seeing places you’ve been reading about for ages.

I’ve made it my mission to craft a life that involves more travel NOW, not when I’m 65 and retired.  Who’s with me??  Tell me in the comments below: Where’s your dream destination? 

4 thoughts on “7 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me…

  1. Kristin says:

    I’m with you! Traveling has been creeping up my NOW list as well and I’d be happy to go anywhere new. I’ve always had a desire to visit Australia, Brazil, and the Caribbean. And someday I hope to plan a long, long trip to Europe. The past few summers I’ve made an effort to at least see new places in MINNESOTA so I’ve successfully taken up camping at many different state parks.

    • Kirstin says:

      That’s awesome- we really love the Minnesota state parks too, especially the camper cabins because I can’t seem to fall asleep on the ground. Great trip ideas- I’m with you on every single one 🙂

  2. Lindsay Christianson says:

    Take me with you! I want to go to Bali, back to New Zealand, Ecuador, the Galapagos Islands… so many places! I love the new info about you, too! Thanks for your honesty and vulnerability. I know a lot of people who have met and gotten married off dating sites- it’s funny what a stigma there is around that! (How is it way classier to meet in a bar?)

    • Kirstin says:

      Oh the Galapagos would be fascinating. We are watching a documentary on Madagascar right now (I know, not nerdy at all..) but it’s so cool how many species of animals are on those islands and nowhere else. And the bar thing is a good point 🙂


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