5 Books that Changed My Life


I don’t know about you but I LOVE to read.  I was told many times as a kid to put down my book at the dining room table while we ate dinner. I would stay up late finishing countless books- I had to know what happened! Later in life I began doing my own research on health and wellness via non-fiction, which was very interesting in its own way. This love has continued to present day and I am still reading a couple books a week most weeks.  As you might imagine- this means I had read quite a few books so far.  A lot of these books were fun to read, some were memorable, but only a few can really fit under the category of “life changing.”  I thought I’d share some of the books which created pivotal moments in my life, books that truly changed my path.  If you’re looking for a good book, I would check one of these out:

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle.  This book is #1 for a reason.  It is so profound, and explained the thing I’d been wondering about my whole life.  I had been aware of this sense of general discomfort throughout my life, sometimes barely there, sometimes incredibly intense. It could show up in the form of loneliness, anxiety, insomnia, or just the desire to stay busy. I tried all kinds of things to find the feeling of peace and contentment I’d been looking for, but nothing ever completely eradicated it.  Reading this book felt to me like learning the secret of life.  It explained the nature of being human.  I always have it by my bedside, even when traveling.  And so does Oprah.  So it must be legit right?


Everyday Paleo by Sarah Fragoso. This book came to me at a time when I knew my health was falling to pieces but I wasn’t sure how to find my way back to wholeness. The naturopath I had begun seeing to help me with this recommended I eat Paleo.  In case you don’t know, Paleo means no grains, no dairy, no legumes, no sugar and no processed foods.  To a girl who had been trying to “eat healthy” by minimizing meat, eating lots of “healthy” whole grains, and had just gone through eating disorder treatment, these restrictions seemed absolutely ridiculous.  Luckily for me, my mom had just bought this book.  It’s mainly a cookbook, full of easy, weeknight meals for busy families.  But it’s also Sarah’s personal story of how she came to eat this way, got her entire family on board, and learned to make it a lifestyle.  I’ve read multiple great books that go into more detail about the science behind eating this way (Robb Wolf’s Paleo Solution is a perfect example and it’s funny to boot.) But Sarah brings her own special magic. She’s so easy to relate to, likeable, and inspiring.  This book convinced me it was worth trying this crazy paleo thing for a month to see what happened.  That was over 4 years ago and I couldn’t be more grateful to have found this way of eating.  My body absolutely loves it.


You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay. I came across this book a couple years after I started my healing journey when I was feeling a bit lost. It helped when my “healthy habits” didn’t seem to be making me feel better anymore.  Even when I got good results, I still felt like I needed to do more, be healthier, get thinner.  The idea Louise puts forward is simple but powerful.  If you don’t believe that you are well, but keep focusing on your illness or shortcomings, you won’t get well or feel good.  Your beliefs are incredibly powerful.  Each of your physical ailments is tied up with your beliefs about yourself and if you don’t create new beliefs, you won’t be able to physically heal your body or feel content with your results.


The 4 Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss. This book is quite brilliant.  It’s about this crazy idea that we don’t HAVE to work 40 hours a week at an unfulfilling job, squeeze our life into weekends and evenings when we can, retire at 62 (or 65, or never) and hope to travel when we get to retirement. He proposes that we decide what kind of life we want to live, what kind of adventures we want to take, and start creating a life NOW that allows this to become our reality.  He has very practical ideas for how to do this either by running your own business, or even by working in a corporate job that’s currently 40+ hours a week.  This book blew my mind, I hadn’t even really thought of the idea that I could have a job where I work half time or less, make plenty of income to travel the world, and be free to live wherever and however I wanted.  Like right now, not when I’m 65.  I absolutely love this book if for no other reason than it shows us the false limits we put on ourselves simply because we believe these things are “normal.”  We are capable of things we truly can’t even imagine right now.  How cool is that?


The Anatomy of the Spirit by Caroline Myss. I remember reading Caroline’s story of how she inadvertently discovered her ability as a medical intuitive and it felt familiar in a way I can’t put into words.  I had this feeling like, “This! This is something I am going to do. This is a part of me ME.” It was like this inner knowing that came from deep within.  Of course right away my mind starting telling me all kinds of reasons that this couldn’t be true.  But the deeper part of me was insistent, this was going to be part of my path in this life.  I’m still seeing this unfold as I’m working with clients, and I can feel my ability getting stronger and more clear every week.  This book has given me the courage (along with School of the Modern Mystic) to move forward with this calling, even when it feels scary and weird to walk into the unknown and tell people “What I’m doing these days.” This book has some beautiful and accurate insights into why people get sick, and how true healing really happens on the soul level.

*** Bonus*** Because I LOVE reading novels, I had to share one of these as well.  It is one of my all time favorites, and if you love books like I do, I think you’ll get lost in it too.  The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz-Zafon.  It’s set in post-WWII Barcelona, full of mystery, shadows, and a deep love for literature.  It’s exceptional.

Tell me in the comments: which books have been most influential for you?

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    • Kirstin says:

      Hi Nat,

      That is awesome, isn’t it a wonderful book? I love watching videos of Louise as well, she is still so vibrant and brimming with love, even into her 80’s. I hope I can be like that 🙂


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